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4 Ways Paint Color Can Help You Sell Your Home

Color plays a big part in selling a house. How you decide to dress your walls can convince a buyer that your home is move-in ready or leave them looking elsewhere. If the goal is to see the sparkle of “love at first sight,” consider picking the right paint palette to suit a range of buyer tastes.
Colors have the power to change your mood and your outlook on life!

Over the years researches have attempted to understand and harness the true power of color in the home and workplace. Their findings have filtered their way into everything from popular wall color to throw pillows and furniture.

Our world is about visual experiences. We see displays at department stores and are drawn to items. We even buy items simply out of impulse because we like the way they look!

We use color to elicit moods in all sorts of social situations. A red cocktail dress can mean excitement and fun. A black gown can be somber or elegant. A beige room with neutral accents can create peace and calm.

When it comes to our homes it’s too easy to play it safe or worse yet too easy to pick the wrong color for the wrong mood. Color choices are plentiful, as are the types of paints. When selecting interior colors, consider how you use each room or the feeling that you want to create for the space. White is a great accent, but for walls it is a harsh and cold color. Instead of white, choose warm, inviting and neutral paint colors such as yellows, warm beige and olive tones.

The best rule of thumb for home remodeling is to stick to a color palette that isn’t too bland but also isn’t too bold. For smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, choose colors that make the room look bigger such as warmer whites. For the bigger rooms, select a paint that is a couple shades darker to create a cozy atmosphere. For bedrooms, calming paint colors work best.

Make sure the palette you create flows from room to room.

First, potential buyers notice water stains and old-fashioned ceilings. If you have a home with a stucco ceiling, it can date your home to a buyer. Before you show your home, consider painting the ceiling with flat white paint. If you have crown molding, make sure you use the same ceiling paint for a consistent professional look.

Second, when it comes to design avoid competing patterns or colors. If your happy color is on the walls then be sure your rugs and furniture are happily neutral. Pick one focal point and play the room around it.

Third, if you are wanting to be really, really happy then consider turning up the volume and pick one accent wall and then accessorize with modern, clean-lined accents.
Consider choosing Pink, it is another cheerful hue that can work well with youthful spaces. Soft, baby pinks are wonderful for nursery spaces. Bolder, more claret rose color tints can be used in living rooms and outdoor spaces. This color trend can be a beautiful accent for Moroccan designs. Match up your pink with crisp, white molding or a fantastic area rug of muted colors.

The fourth way to create happiness when selling your home is by using the color apricot. This sun-drenched color is the tasteful way to use orange. Apricot has a delightful way of reminding homeowners of summer days and of beautiful sunrises, both happy occasions!

Yellow, rose, and apricot. What wonderful ways to bring happiness to your home!

Paint color can help you sell a house faster. A fresh coat of paint makes the walls fresh and clean to create an inviting environment for a homebuyer.

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