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4 Welcome Gifts You May Have Not Thought Of

Amber Anderson
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Welcoming your clients to their new home is cause for celebration, and one of the best ways to mark the occasion is with a bespoke gift. After all, there are few times more memorable—or more meaningful—than move-in day.

Seasoned luxury agents have plenty of experience choosing presents that excite, delight, and inspire their clients. “We always aim to make it personal and relevant—no two gifts are the same,” says Grant Edward Beggs, Founder of The Beggs Team at Sotheby’s International Realty – San Francisco Brokerage.

Amber Anderson and Brandon White

For Amber Anderson, Team Leader and Broker Associate at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, and her husband Brandon White, Partner and Lead REALTORⓇ, the hunt for the perfect gift begins immediately. “From the moment we meet them, we’re asking clients about their favorite things to do, places to eat, or anything that will help personalize the gift so they are truly wowed,” says Anderson. She and White even have a dedicated Wow Coordinator on their team who handles personal client gifts, monitors all the details of the business’s leads, and works hand-in-hand with the sales team to create the perfect real estate experience for everyone involved.

If you need inspiration for your next great welcome gift, here are four ideas that won’t steer you wrong.

1. Consider catering

A one-of-a-kind experience is among the most special gifts you can give a client—especially if it helps them fall even more deeply in love with their new home.

“Recently, while helping our clients with the search for a new property, we had sampled many different types of beers while discussing strategies, approaches, and looking at listings,” says Beggs. “So when they moved into their new home, I engaged a private chef to do a Japanese pub menu for them and two other couples.”

The custom izakaya menu was a welcome surprise and commemorated the journey the buyers and Beggs had embarked on together. “The only rule was that I couldn’t be invited to the dinner—this was for them and their friends to enjoy in their new home,” he adds.

2. Lean into the luxe lifestyle

In the highest price brackets, sometimes the best gifts go all out. Because when clients purchase a luxury home, they’re also embracing the luxury lifestyle—and they naturally want to raise a glass to that.

“One of our best welcome-to-the-home gifts for a client were Christian Louboutin shoes for the wife and Tom Ford glasses for the husband,” says Anderson. “We had a referral the same week!”

3. Win with children and pets

For many people, the most meaningful gift is to see their loved ones happy. That’s why Beggs advises including the whole family when assembling welcome presents.

A simple token for the dog, like organic treats or a new chew toy, can take a welcome package to the next level. Likewise, a stuffed animal can be a wonderful way to welcome a child to their new home, and commemorate what’s likely a momentous change for them.

4. Think fresh

Flowers are classic when it comes to timely gifts—but you can put a modern spin on it by swapping out the ephemeral bouquets for a more permanent essential oil diffuser. Anderson and White note that these have become client favorites, which is no surprise when you consider how deeply enmeshed scent is with emotions and memories. A new fragrance for a new home is pragmatic, yet personal.

4 pro tips to take with you

  1. Gifts don’t always have to come at the end of the journey. Along with a welcome-to-the-home gift, Anderson and White surprise clients with a small welcome-to-the-team gift as well. “We prefer to provide it within 24 hours of our first meeting,” says White. “If we have a client flying in to look for properties, we’ll find out the location of the hotel and have the welcome gift in their room upon arrival.”
  2. Knowing your clients’ preferences is important, but it’s critical to know what they don’t want as well. Champagne is a celebratory staple, and a nice bottle of whiskey with monogrammed glasses can make a great housewarming gift—but not if a client doesn’t drink. Gather this knowledge as you visit with your client and conduct home viewings.
  3. Small gifts are a great way to nurture long-term relationships long after the contracts are signed—Anderson and White refer to this as the “love bombing” that comes after closing.
  4. “We are constantly monitoring social media for life moments that need to be acknowledged,” says Anderson.“Trying to find the perfect gift on the day of closing is impossible,” warns Beggs. “Think about it throughout the process, and purchase gifts long before you close—then tuck them away until the big day.”

The ideal present not only celebrates the start of a new chapter in your buyers’ lives, but it also shows that you genuinely appreciate them and are grateful for the time you spent together. And when it’s time for them to find their next home—or refer their friends and family to their favorite agent—they’ll remember the level of care they received as your client.

Courtesy of Inman News by Sotheby’s International Realty

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