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A day in the Life: Truth about Zillow

On this video I show you what to take in consideration when you are taking a look at your future home. Zillow, who has over 160 Million visits a month, is the leading real estate marketplace that provides data and information regarding properties. Furthermore, it is a great tool to reveal the kind of home you are looking for but let’s remember this:


1.- Price is not always accurate.

Since it is an algorithm placing the value, or a “Zestimate”. We must remember that Zillow cannot accurately evaluate the condition, location and supply and demand. This is when our team can properly assist you with a market analysis. We value customer service, and we work as a team to deliver the best to our clients.


2.- Quality of Video is key.

We take great pride in the quality of our marketing when presenting your home, including the video. Zillow will make the first impression of the property for us, so we want to show excellent pictures to users. Ultimately, this will open the door for a real showing.

We take the time, we are one of the few agents that invest in professional video, which gets featured and sponsored. Like our beautiful ocean front property that was cover for Dream Home Magazine.


3.- Zillow is a powerhouse.

Zillow has a tremendous reach and it is here to stay. The website has over 110 million U.S. homes listed. Our clients love it and we love it too!


Let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for more videos like this. We will bring you all the insights you need to know whether you are preparing to sell or to buy!

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