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DIY Succulent Centerpiece at Pigment Liberty Station

Amber Anderson
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Hey! Hey! Amber Anderson here. I’m so excited to be sharing my new favorite store with you. We were fortunate enough to spend a girls night out at Pigment in Liberty station in Point Loma. I wanted to learn how to make succulent arrangements with my girls, and what better place to learn than the place that practically started it all!

I made a large centerpiece and they girls each made a smaller one of their own.

Step 1:

First things first, we picked our succulents for the arrangements. There were so many to chose from, you have to make sure you have enough to fill your pot, but not too many! I know I have said it before, but Pigment is amazing

This place is amazing, I know I’ve said it before. And then we’re going to come back and head on to the second step.

Step 2:

Next you have to arrange them. So, first stop is putting in the dirt, filling it all the way to the top. You don’t have to pack it in really hard, but you do need to bring it to the top. Then you’re going to arrange all of our succulents and then head on to the next step.

Step 3:

Now onto filling. I’m a woman who likes to be efficient, so we poured it straight out of the dirt bucket.

Step 4:

So, after you get your dirt in. Next step is to pat down our dirt, get it all nice and leveled. Then you’re going to grab your succulents, taking them out, and making sure that only our roots are left. Once you get them all placed, you’re going to make a little bit of a hole. Now that you’ve got our roots shown here. And then once we’re done placing all of our succulents, we’re going to come back with the next step.

Final Step:

Okay. So, now that we’ve got our arrangements done, we’ve got all our succulents and cactus laid how we want them to be, we’re going to go get the final step, which is the sand and really top this off to make it the perfect arrangement.

I highly recommend you guys come here to check out Pigments. They have one in Liberty Station, which is where we went! They’ve also got one at One Paseo and in North Park. So, and it’s not just succulents, they have everything you need for your house. I think I’m obsessed. This is my new favorite store. I hope we gave you an idea for a fun summer activity!

Thank you again Pigment Liberty Station for having us! Be sure to checkout the how to video on YouTube by clicking this link:

Keepin it Local | Pigment | Amber Anderson – YouTube

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