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How to Get Your Home Market Ready?

Sydney Stewart
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There are 3 factors that contribute to why homes don’t sell. Price, condition and presentation. It is critical the appearance of your home is as appealing as possible to obtain the highest price. So how do we get your home ready for the market?

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When we focus on presentation we primarily look at landscaping, furniture and any deferred maintenance on the interior and exterior of the home. Our team brings in our landscapers, stagers, handyman and contractors to fully serve you in completing anything that needs attention to get your home ready for the market.

Staged property in San Diego. We sold this property for highest price per sqft in the building’s history.

When you work with Sotheby’s International realty you get access to our luxury services including White Glove. This allows you, as the seller, to do all the updates needed to your home without paying anything for it up front. Instead it comes out as a fee at the close of escrow.

Beyond these physical changes we oftentimes take it a step further and bring in our Feng Shui expert. Feng Shui expert conducts space clearings in order to rid the property of any potential environmental, emotional or energetic disturbances. Every detail counts for us, and that is why we take the extra steps in making sure the presentation of your home is as desirable as possible for its future buyers. Whatever the condition is, we get your home ready for the market to ensure we can maximize the value of your home.


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