Media Attention on the Rise for La Jolla Real Estate Agents

With over 50 million dollars in active listings, Anderson White and Associates are drawing significant attention in San Diego.

La Jolla (I-Newswire) June 12, 2014 – As the pace of the Southern Californian real estate market continues to accelerate, a few agents are staying ahead of the curve. Anderson, White & Associates of Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty have made an impact in the local coastal market with a distinct multi-media and promotions platform. The foundation of the approach is to gain maximum exposure for luxury estates around the globe. Sounds easy enough to take a couple of pictures submit the home to the local multiple listing service and wait for an offer to come. This is all too common of a scenario in San Diego County for real estate brokers; enter the Pacific Sotheby’s team led by international specialist Amber Anderson.

“The ordinary approach will get you just that, an ordinary result” say Anderson whose team have listed and sold several luxury homes previously under contract with other brokerages. How have they accomplished this, promotion is the key. As of late Anderson has appeared on numerous local radio shows, television, along with appearances on international real estate lifestyle programs. “We watched carefully how our own brand Sotheby’s Realty focused its marketing efforts. Through the corporate partnerships with global media entities such as the NY Times, Wall St Journal & Architectural Digest, we have learned a tremendous amount about the importance of identifying a potential market and how to craft a compelling message that will resonate with the audience.”

In coming weeks Anderson, White & Associates will see one of their premier estates featured on the largest Middle Eastern real estate and lifestyle programs; Qatar TV. The show airs weekly drawing over 8 million viewers from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia. “This type of international attention is always welcome Anderson says, as we realize buyer demographics in San Diego are constantly changing, thus we must be prepared to alter our marketing focus along with it.”

With more media spots and editorial features being booked every week, Anderson, White & Associates look strong moving into the Summer months.


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