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Where is this Neighborhood Headed… Up? Or Down?

Where is this Neighborhood Headed... Up Or Down

When searching for a home on a budget, you’ll often find great deals on the edge of up-and-coming neighborhoods. But how do you tell if a neighborhood is headed up? Or, if it’s on its way down?

Of course, the first consideration might be financial: Are the home prices going up but still affordable? Are the taxes reasonable but enough to support great infrastructure and schools? Are there places to shop for essentials like groceries?

More than the financial considerations, however, you need to be clear about the neighborhood’s livability … that is, does it offer the quality of life you’re looking for? Will you enjoy living there? Can your family form an emotional connection to the neighborhood?

Signs of potential

There are several signs to look for in a neighborhood that point to its becoming the next hot area.

Finding the best neighborhood for you

As your real estate professionals, we can help you find properties in growing areas, or those on the verge of a turnaround. The more we know about what you’re looking for, the better we can help you find it. Call us today at 858.333.8188 to get started finding the perfect neighborhood for your family.

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