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Social Media: The New ‘Word of Mouth’ 

As a realtor, I often receive phone calls from unfamiliar numbers. While people not in this industry panic over the risk of spam calls from these unknown numbers, it has become my norm and a rather exciting one. Why? Because more often than not it means business! 

I received one of these calls not too long ago. It was from a couple in California looking to sell their Luxury home in La Jolla. How had they found me? My YouTube page- what a delight! 

Knowing this couple had gotten a taste of my personality before ever having met me, made walking into our first client meeting that much more exciting and confident… for both sides! They knew what to expect and I knew they at least liked what they saw enough to warrant a call and inquiry. 

In the end, I got the job and sold their home. Afterward they even referred me to another friend whose home I was able to sell as well. I have made sure to make it easy enough for clients to say more than “take my word for it” but rather to just share my pages and let people see, hear and experience me for themselves before even meeting me! 

Sounds easy enough, right? Word of mouth is undeniably still the most powerful force in the Real Estate industry. The key is how to effectively and strategically use the new media tools to harness that far beyond the outdated cocktail party chit chat. 

Here are my 5 Key Tenants to Optimize your Social Media Presence

  1. Video is King

Video allows someone to know what to expect before they even reach out! They feel comfortable reaching out because they feel like they already know you. They have had a clear glimpse of your personality, your mannerisms, just from watching you. 

  1. Small Steps can Yield Big Results

After I meet a client, I immediately add them on social media. That way they know we are connected and that connection can only grow stronger and become more real as we work together.  

  1. Know Where your Audience Is

Every media platform is important. But you need to strategize about what you post per certain platform, because each audience is different and each user is on a platform for a specific purpose. For example, LinkedIn vs. Instagram. While you can post the same content, it is wise to keep your LinkedIn messaging more professional where as you can have a bit more fun freedom on Instagram. The key is consistency and learning the content that is engaging per the audience you are marketing to. 

  1. Get Personal

Sharing who you are as a person means you’re real, and people connect with real. I used to be hesitant to flaunt that I was a mom on my social pages, but my coaches were like “why not?”. Authenticity. Is what I. Think attracts people to you, so if you can give people a bit more perspective on who you are as a human being, you’ll not only gain credibility, but you become relatable! 

  1. Build a Community, not just Content 

I think where agents fail is on the engagement side. You can’t just post and post and post. When people comment and you don’t respond, it can make them wonder, ‘Is it really you? Are you there? Is it a robot?’ You can lose credibility and even risk offending people. 


Amber, Brandon + Team

(Nicole, Christa + Jen)

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