The Power of Vlogging


My latest vlog was a lot of fun to make! Remember that on A day in the life. Video Marketing Panel I take you on a crazy journey: two panels in two different cities! In the morning, I share insights about international buyers among peers in The San Diego Association of Realtors and then, in the afternoon I talk about video Marketing in the Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Conference in Vegas!


You might think that creating this type of content is superficial, but if you want your brand to be out there, you must be able to build it, think not about the quantity but about the quality of marketing material that is telling your story. My goal is to inspire other agents to be the best they can be and marketing tactics has become essential in any industry. Therefore, you must take advantage of all digital channels available to you.


That is why I would like to explain the importance of Vlogging (Video+Blogging), this has changed my perspective 100% about promoting my business, here’s a few reasons:


1.- Reaching your audience through video content is crucial: everyone likes to watch videos. Over 90% of mobile users share video and there are over 30 million visits on YouTube every day!

2.- Your experiences and anecdotes make you more relatable: this means that your clients will find someone trustworthy with enough experience in the industry. When you Vlog, you present yourself, and people see the person, not just a website.

3.- Innovation makes you stay in the game: this is a visual era, if you want to reach out to your audience you have to make a difference among competitors, vlogging will definitely keep you ahead of others.

4.- Stay Relevant and Frequent: share information that your audience thinks will be helpful. Find that niche you wish to educate or reach and keep posting!

5.- Your SEO will improve: over 60% of google searches now include video, by providing specific and relevant material your business will have a better ranking in the search engine.

6.- Cost of entry and benefits: for the most part, you don’t need massive equipment in order to create a video, but think about the exposure your business will have! Just stay creative in presenting yourself in front of the camera and voilà!


Thank you so much for reading this content! Let me know your thoughts and anything I can do to inspire you to grow your brand!


Ciao Ciao for now.





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