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Three reasons why you should buy in the Summer

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Three reasons why you should buy in the Summer.

In this awesome video, I show you day in my life! I give you 3 very important tips about purchasing a home. But first I take you to our weekly REBA meeting (Top Sotheby’s agents get together and share what is going on the market). I really like this opportunity to share among peers our client’s amazing listings. After REBA is over, we go on our weekly caravan to visit new houses on the market (in case you forgot how they look like, check it out here)

I know, this is about buying in the summer, but remember that San Diego is summer year-round! We have the most amazing weather, so this is applicable to other seasons as well. Ready for the most important reasons to buy…????:

  1. The timing is good during the summer season because of school break, families can focus on exploring and checking the properties.
  2. You get a better glance at the neighborhood, since people like to be out. For holidays such as 4th of July, is a fantastic way of checking out the environment, families around and ultimately a sense of what living there is like!
  3. Last, but not least, it’s the number of homes available during this timeframe, we have a higher inventory which affords the consumer more choices.

Our team is ready to provide you with the best options out there, for you and your family! Regardless of season, we take customer service very seriously.

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Ciao Ciao!

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