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Top Home Improvements That Add Value

Amber Anderson
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There is no doubt making home renovation decisions is stressful, especially when preparing to list your home for sale. Well, to make things easier there are a handful of renovation options that statistically prove to add value to your home. After putting money into your property, the last thing you want is for it to not pay off! A recent HGTV Article we found broke down exactly what home improvements add the most value to your home, take a look!

#1 Minor Bathroom Remodel- “It costs about $10,500 to replace the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. You’ll get back an average of $10,700 at resale, a recoup rate of 102 percent.”

#2 Landscaping- “A splash of color at the front of the house is an eye-catching plus. For maximum impact, choose one color and vary the height of plants. If your doorway is overwhelmed by greenery, then get out the shears. Replace overgrown shrubbery with flowering foundation plants mixing heights and colors for dramatic effect. A charming focal point like a walkway and fountain adds major value to your property. Roll a sealant on flagstones for a permanent wet look that enhances the color. ”

Average rate pf return at resale 100 percent

#3 Minor Kitchen Remodel-  “A minor kitchen remodel averages $14,913 and brings in $14,691 at resale, a recoup rate of 98.5%. Go for the minor remodel when your kitchen needs a cosmetic update and not a drastically different floor plan. A $15,000 kitchen update covers 30 feet of re-facing for cabinets and drawers, a new wall oven, cooktop, sink and fixtures, laminate countertops and resilient flooring. Put recessed lights 3’ to 5’ apart on center and 18″ from cabinets to light the countertops. Running the lights between two joists is easier than running through the joists. If your home is worth more than $500,000 go with stone or trendy glass countertops. Cover the old vinyl with floor leveler so the pattern doesn’t bleed through. You can’t put a second layer of vinyl on if the subfloor is below-grade concrete. ”

Average return at resale: 98.5 percent
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