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MEDS and 6’ of Separation | The New (Temporary) Norm

Have You Tracked Your MEDS Today?


While there may not be a cure quite yet for the COVID-19 Pandemic,  Team Anderson White and Associates encourages you to still take your MEDS Daily! What exactly do we mean by that? Read on!

There is no denying that this global pandemic is changing the structure of not only our market and our economy,  but also factors such as our relationships, mindset and productivity. We are hearing terms such as social distancing, isolation, quarantine… terms so foreign and uncomfortable to a community that thrives on social connection and hugs!

The challenges that this pandemic is bringing to each and every one of us, with the wealth of new information and new social rules to abide by each and every day, is testing our mental capacity at a new, unfamiliar and uncomfortable level… this is the time where your mindset truly can make or break you. 

We invite you to join Anderson White & Associates in taking your MEDS daily! Amber, Brandon, Nicole, Christa, Jen and Katie are making a pledge to share their efforts with you while we are all adjusting to this new, yet temporary norm. Follow along our social media pages, website and blog… we will be your biggest cheerleaders and virtual teammates. 




What Does it Mean?


M- Meditation

How: The best way to reduce stress… breathe! The best way to focus your breathing… meditate! Quiet your mind, focus in on your breath and exhale any extra anxiety or negativity. In these uncertain times, we all don’t have any extra energy to expend on negative thoughts.  Take 10-15 minutes a day to close your eyes, focus in on your breathing and clear your mind.

The Benefit: Better sleep, increased physical well-being and focus.



Kelly Howell– free guided meditations

Calm– Free app for guided mediations and sleep stories

Waking Up with Sam Harris– meditation course from a neuroscientist’s perspective

10% Happier– app for guided meditation and practice teachings

Headspace– meditation exercises and community


E- Exercise

How: 20-30 minutes per day… thats it! (We don’t all have to become marathon runners…) Many of our beloved beaches and trails have been closed down for the time being. You are encouraged to take walks, bike rides, go for a run in your own neighborhood rather than venturing out. In home workouts are always great too!

The Benefit: Increased energy, physical and mental toughness, a healthy outlet for any pent-up or extra stress. Find a friend and start a virtual challenge to motivate each other and keep some (virtual) social activity in your life! Challenge your network or sphere to join you!



28 Best Home Workouts

21 of the Best Exercises for Beginners to Try At Home

From Yoga to Crossfit



D- Diet

Keep those Pandemic Pounds off! (Now that we have bought out the stores of all their frozen pizzas, ice cream and cookie dough…)

How: Stop stress eating and rather eat for increased energy. Keeping yourself busy throughout the day will halt the stress snacking. Even though we are all out of office… keep yourself accountable to your regular meal routine.

The Benefit: Increased energy, increased productivity, increased confidence.



How to Eat Healthy Without “Dieting” (American Heart Association)

Best diets for Healthy Eating (US News & World Report)

10 Tips for Healthy Eating (Harvard School of Public Health)

How to Eat Healthy (Health and Human Services)


S- Sleep

How: Do I really have to tell you how to do this?! 8 or more hours with 4 deep sleep cycles is recommended. Avoid taking multiple of those mid-day naps, which will decrease productivity and interfere with your nightly rem cycle.

The Benefit: Reduces stress, increased productivity, peak performance.



Sleep Cycle


My Sleep Button

Relax Melodies


Log Your Meds!

Use a tracker such as the one below to hold yourself accountable for keeping a healthy balance of your MEDS Share your progress with us on any of our platforms, and we promise to be your biggest cheerleaders!


(Virtual) Hugs!

Amber, Brandon, Nicole, Christa, Jen & Katie


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