VR Technology is the Up & Coming must have for Real Estate

Showing a home in person could become passé. The day is coming when buyers will slip on a virtual reality headset and be transported to a home where they can wander from room to room and size up whether it feels right without actually visiting. The technology brings your listing directly to your buyers and really gives a consumer a totally different style of touring a home especially if they are sitting  behind a computer whether it is in a different country or here in the united states. It is taking away the challenge from someone who is not in the desired location of purchase and gives them the ability to walk through the house

The early promise of VR centered on videogames, but the technology is now finding commercial applications, including some presented in January at CES 2016, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. VR is gradually entering real estate as brokerages start to get a feel for what the technology is all about. Some companies anticipate that consumers will gravitate to VR in the next few years, making the headsets must-have devices and creating an opportunity for brokerages, especially those focused on high-end -properties.

Allowing clients to tour multimillion-dollar residences using the Samsung Gear VR headset or now using your iPhone with cardboard glasses. For example, clients can view a $22,500,000 million ocean-side La Jolla property in 3-D by putting on the headset, which then fills the buyers’ complete field of vision with the 8300-square-foot home. The technology allows users to look up, down, and from side to side as they take in the spacious kitchen, theater room, ocean front patios, along with details such as the spiral staircase, flooring, and windows.

 “It’s been tremendous,” Amber says about the feedback from clients who have used it. “You can get a better sense of the depth and scope of a space through the headsets. This really helps to offer a firm understanding of what is possible in an otherwise empty space.”

This lets viewers move from room to room by focusing on a dot that the software projects onto the image of the room. “VR gives you the visceral feeling of being in that location and has the potential to make the process of searching for a house much faster,” says Amber Anderson.

Such an amazing innovation, touring it virtually with goggles. VR will take you through the entire home to inspect if there are any flaws such as looking up at the ceiling to see if there is a crack. Very interactive; changes from something you can just see on a computer and makes it real life. “The consumer is demanding it,” says Amber, there have been some websites that have launched it on a smaller scale but there is a reason Sotheby’s International Realty was the first to put it on our portal because we want to give the buyer what they need to feel comfortable and make that purchase no matter where they are in the world. “I believe VR has the potential to be like the industry’s move from photos to video,” says Amber. “The quality of the experience is already great, but it’s only going to get better.”

You can personally experience this up and coming revelation for the real estate industry at our Open House this Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm in the Media Room at my $22,500,000 listing at 7400 Vista Del Mar in La Jolla Ca.

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