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Can you believe what happened last year? What an amazing year it has been. 2020 dealt us with so many surprises. We had an amazing year for Anderson White and Associates. I want to just take a moment to say, if you haven’t yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Like, hit the button, do whatever you need to do. I wanna reach my goal of 5,000 followers this year and I need your help, but I want to talk about some of my favorite moments for 2020 starting with the last real big event that we did. One of our life launches for the first quarter, we had the amazing David Meltzer as our guest speaker. It was set in the beautiful Fairbank’s Ranch in Rancho Santa Fe. He just truly is so inspiring.

He has his own coaching horse coming out as well. So be sure to check that out but it was the last time we got a mix and mingle with our top clients and partners and what an amazing time that was. Next up I would say it was so amazing to be able to launch our Keeping It Local series in La Jolla highlighting all the top shops and restaurants and things to do. That’s so much fun in our neck of the woods but I think what was really kind of new and fun was we actually made it on TV.

We filmed our first TV commercial this year which aired on CBS, which gave us a lot of traction. When so many people were home in front of their TVs. And of course we were able to list and sell some of the most amazing properties in San Diego. But instead of me taking you through the rest of the year I want to have my A team talk about what their favorite moments of 2020 were. So check it out.

Hey, Brandon White here, just wanted to talk about my favorite video of the year. 2020 was quite a year. We did a lot of videos but my favorite actually came out the first month of 2020.We were celebrating the San Diego Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence, the awards for 2019. And we actually took home the platinum award which puts us in the top one and a half percent of all agent groups in San Diego County.

Also, Amber was awarded the International Realtor of the Year. It’s just a great event. You get to have a little bit of fun, let your hair down but it’s also a formal event and you’re there with all the industry leaders and there are great speakers. It’s a wonderful, wonderful time. And you know, it’s my favorite video of all the ones we did.

One of my favorite videos of 2020 has to be on Amber showed us how she got a house sold in just eight days now, prior to her having the listing another brokerage had it for over six months. So for her to sell in eight days is insane. She takes us through the process of what she did with her marketing and how she implemented video to get this home sold super quickly, and it’s amazing.

Looking back on 2020,my favorite video of Amber has to be the white glove service under construction at 1630 Crespo Drive. It’s my personal favorite because I think it showcases really well the program that we have in place for our clients to get some updates and renovations done to their home before listing it.

My favorite video for 2020 that Amber did was the behind the scenes of the CBS Commercial. It was really cool to just see the process and what it takes to make a commercial as well as getting our message out there and letting our clients and potential clients and San Diego County know just what we do for their safety and even better, it was really cool to see it on TV. So that was my favorite Amber Anderson video for 2020. My favorite video of 2021 is Expansion video.

This video is my favorite because it shows the pop-over brand here at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. So even in the midst of a pandemic 2020 was a great year for our team, for our family and what’s so exciting is what’s coming in 2021.

We are launching a new video product, we’re launching a new podcast. We’re gonna continue episodes of our Keeping It Local series. I just want to say thank you. If you’ve made it this far in the video we are so grateful for your support. And most importantly we want to know what you wanna see you wanna hear about. So be sure to comment below, let us know if there’s anything exciting. you want us to cover. But as always, we wish you a very happy 2021 and we’ll see you soon.

Ciao ciao for now.

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