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“Zooming” In On Your Video Conference Skills | Darren Hardy Style!

Now more than ever, we are asking ourselves a very important question: does this work blouse go with these sweatpants? Aah the joys of work-from-home video conferencing! How incredible when you truly think about it, that in a world where physical social connection is temporarily on pause, we are still able to communicate with our friends, family, network and even your colleagues!

Below are a few tips shared by the one and only and truly fabulous Darren Hardy to hone in on your video conferencing skills to keep your productivity at its highest possible “work-from-home” level.

* Sit close to the screen. Have your face be the focal point of the screen.

* Keep your screen and camera at eye level. Tip: Use a stack of books to elevate your computer if necessary.

* If you have two monitors, try to just focus in on the one with the camera. Otherwise it will appear as if you have lost attention.

* Speaking of… Turn off all other distractions! Email, Phone, message notifications, etc. We can all hear them!

* Do not check your email or open other browsers to do other work. We CAN see you and we can tell you are typing, distracted or just giving off a bored RBF.

* Use an external microphone or headset if possible

* Mute when you are not talking! Any background noise will be picked up in the meeting and will lose focus. While you are on mute, act like you are still engaged… we can still SEE you!

* Don’t eat during the meeting… (unless you have arranged prior delivery to all of our doors for virtual snack time!)

* Don’t sit with the window behind you. It will throw off the lighting and you will not be visible.

* Talk in short hand, get to the point quickly. Take meeting notes to fill in details and share with your team later.

* Be brief, be brilliant, be done quickly!

Like what you read? Head over to Darren Daily to check out some more of his incredibly insightful videos on ways you can stay your best self during the global stay-at-home mandate.

Most important takeaway: remember we can see you!


Virtual Hugs!
Amber, Brandon, Nicole, Christa & Jen

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